From the Club Captains

Job Description of Club Captains

It is the decision of the Board of Directors of the Orchard Beach Golf and Country Club that there shall be two Club Captains – one lady to represent all female members and one gentleman to represent all male members. The Captain will accept the post for a 2-year term

1. The Captains will represent all members in good standing.
2. The Captains will work with each other, the General Manager and the Membership Chair to set the dates for all Club tournaments. The Captains will set the standard of play for member’s tournaments. (See the R.C.G.A. rules and regulations.) In addition, they will support the General Manager in organizing, arranging and running of Orchard Beach Club members’ events.
3. All disputes will be brought to the attention of the appropriate Club Captain. The General Manager and the Captains will be the arbitrators for all disputes and their decision will be final.
4. The Captains will arrange for the purchase, engraving and presentation of trophies at Awards Day. They shall also arrange with the General Manager for the staff to clean and polish the trophies a minimum of once per year.
5. The Captains will follow-up with the General Manager to have a financial summary prepared after each tournament and a year-end financial statement signed by the appropriate Captain(s) and the General Manager.
6. The Captains will sit on the committee for major golf events that may require a committee. The captains will help in running and organizing these events.
7. In appreciation of time and effort, the Club Captains will receive an annual credit of $600 towards their Orchard Beach Membership at the approval of the General Manager.