From the Club Captains

Carol Welin, Ladies Club Captain

Having lived in the Keswick area for 6 years now, I’ve enjoyed playing as a member at Orchard Beach for 5 years. During this time, I’ve watched our ladies’ participation get stronger and better year by year. I’m delighted to act as your Captain for the next couple of seasons. I hope I’ll have your support as I look forward to strengthening our current highly successful events, as well as look for new opportunities to enhance your playing experience as members.

The leagues are in full swing thanks to the determination and hard work of the committees. Although the social aspect of the game might be on hold somewhat, I think we’ll all agree that it still feels great to be out there playing and enjoying the camaraderie of the gals in your foursome each week!

The only thing better than playing a round of golf is winning $$ CASH $$ while you’re doing it!! If you have a current GAO handicap, a competitive spirit, and $10, then Tuesday Skins could be for you! With potentially 9 chances to win a skin (each hole is a new game) everyone has a chance to win! If you’re interested in finding out more just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you.

Sadly, this year’s Solheim Cup with the Briars Club will not proceed due to the Covid19 situation. I will be meeting with the Briars Solheim Captain during the season in an effort to revisit the event and make any changes necessary to tighten the format with an eye to create consistency, fairness and enjoyment for years to come.

Glen Stainton, Men’s Club Captain

My interest in golf started when at the age of 10 a friend and I started selling cokes at a par 3 on the old St. Andrews golf course in Willowdale. I played my first game of golf on a 9 hole course in Lindsay with my father at the age of 12. In 1966 I had my first membership as a Jr. at King Golf Club now Carrying Place. After 1 year as a member at Bradford Highlands a friend encouraged me to join Orchard Beach. I enjoyed the course and people so much, with the support of my wife, Maxine, we moved to Keswick to be nearer to the course. I served as Men’s Captain for 4 years and am again in that role and looking forward to working for and with our members.

Job Description of Club Captains

It is the decision of the Board of Directors of the Orchard Beach Golf and Country Club that there shall be two Club Captains – one lady to represent all female members and one gentleman to represent all male members. The Captain will accept the post for a 2-year term

1. The Captains will represent all members in good standing.
2. The Captains will work with each other, the General Manager and the Membership Chair to set the dates for all Club tournaments. The Captains will set the standard of play for member’s tournaments. (See the R.C.G.A. rules and regulations.) In addition, they will support the General Manager in organizing, arranging and running of Orchard Beach Club members’ events.
3. All disputes will be brought to the attention of the appropriate Club Captain. The General Manager and the Captains will be the arbitrators for all disputes and their decision will be final.
4. The Captains will arrange for the purchase, engraving and presentation of trophies at Awards Day. They shall also arrange with the General Manager for the staff to clean and polish the trophies a minimum of once per year.
5. The Captains will follow-up with the General Manager to have a financial summary prepared after each tournament and a year-end financial statement signed by the appropriate Captain(s) and the General Manager.
6. The Captains will sit on the committee for major golf events that may require a committee. The captains will help in running and organizing these events.
7. In appreciation of time and effort, the Club Captains will receive an annual credit of $600 towards their Orchard Beach Membership at the approval of the General Manager.