Membership Rules

  1. By paying membership dues or green fees, you are agreeing to be bound by these Rules.
  2. Membership dues (“dues”) are for playing privileges only from April 15 to October 31 (the “season”) in each year. Additional privileges such as green fees outside of the “season”, use of pull carts, trail fees and the use of Club carts and storage facilities are available on a fee for service basis as determined by Club Management (Club Management is defined as the Board of Directors and/or the General Manager/Head Professional).
  3. Playing privileges and hours of golf play shall be available during the season depending on course and weather conditions, tournament, maintenance, repairs and other factors determined by the Club Management.
  4. No playing privileges shall be available until and unless dues or green fees are paid in full.
  5. Trail fees for private carts must be received by April 15th or the member forfeits his/her place in the cart shed.
  6. Playing privileges are subject to available tee times. Club Management gives playing priority to prior booked tee times. If in the view of Management a player is abusing the tee time privilege or failing to cancel previous tee time commitments, their right to prime tee time privileges may be suspended for a period appropriate for the misdemeanor.
  7. Members can book tee times fourteen days in advance. All others, seven days in advance.
  8. Weekday Member playing privileges shall be available Monday to Friday, except for holidays or statutory holidays.
  9. Privately owned power carts are limited to the space provided in the cart shed. These spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. A waiting list for the spots is maintained by the General Manager/Head Professional. Except as specifically permitted in writing by the Club Management, no other privately owned power carts shall be operated or brought on to Club property.
  10. All power carts will use cart paths where provided and stay a minimum of 30 feet from all tees and greens. Exceptions will be made to those who provide a copy of a current Handicap Parking Card as displayed in an automobile and registered in their name.
  11. Due to the imitations of the club cart fleet, club power carts will only be released to the renter or leasee 15 minutes prior to tee-off.
  12. The General Manager/Head Professional and Club Captains shall be responsible for, and shall have the final authority on the organization, rules and etiquette of Club tournaments.
  13. Club Management will only respond to and deal with suggestions, comments and concerns that are in writing, signed and addressed to Club Management.
  14. Members shall at all times abide by the rules herein, any other rules, posted local rules, directives and directions, written or verbal, given or made by Club Management or Course Marshals/Starters. A breach of the Rules may result in temporary or permanent suspension of playing privileges by the Club Management.
  15. Club Management shall have the final and binding authority in the resolution of any dispute as to the interpretation and implementation of these or any other Club Rules.
  16. Membership accounts are to be paid in full by the 15th of each month.